The Men’s Movement

What is the Men’s Movement?

We are a group of men distributed around the world with a common purpose. Our mission is:

  1. To put men’s issues on the political agenda.
  2. To raise awareness of the vast differences between men and women and to bring about political and cultural change recognizing these differences.
  3. To bring an end to the negative stereotyping of men in the media and by politicians.

To whom is the Men’s Movement open?

  • To men with male issues they want government to address.
  • To men who feel discriminated against or who have been victimized by successions of gynocentric governments simply for being men.
  • To men offended that their gender is routinely being cast under a negative light by media and by politicians.

How do I join?

The MM is not a club at a specific location. We are all over the world. If you are aware that rights for men are thin on the ground and believe that men should have equal rights to women then you are already a member. That’s it. Done.


What could I do?

Our mission is in the first instance to bring about political change that upholds our rights as human beings equal to women’s. Secondly, it is to jolt governments into acknowledging that we are different from women. This means that all policy decisions from governments must take into account the strengths and weaknesses of each gender.

There are many possible actions you can take. These can be easy or they can be more involved. I’ll only be suggesting a couple of easy ones here.

You can convince a friend or acquaintance in a bar or on Facebook that the media is feeding us a diet of feminist nonsense.

Or you can join an online discussion. There are newspaper talkboards you can take part in, such as the Guardian, the Telegraph or the Huffington Post. You can use Twitter.

How do I find out more about the MM?

There are many superb men’s sites to read and enjoy. I will re-direct you straight to these.

Read Rich Zubaty. Rich is one of the founding fathers of the MM. His classic book What Men Know That Women Don’t goes into the details of what it is to be a man or a woman, why we are different, why men invented everything, why men are drawn to risk and adventure, why women prefer the comforts of the home, why men love women despite, in the modern world, receiving comparatively little in return and why this need not be so. Above all, how the feminization of western culture is intricately linked to the current sinister world order. Rich has appeared on the television and on many radio shows.

Read Angry Harry. Harry is a leading proponent of the MM. His site is full of enjoyable detail with nooks and crannies lambasting feminism and its political consequences that make your life at best uneasy, and at worst a looming disaster.

Watch ManWomanMyth. MWM makes engaging documentary videos for men that make the BBC appear little different from Murdoch’s tabloids. He attacks putatively sophisticated news programmes purporting to be impartial, while exposing their sensation grabbing and blatant lying grounded in shaky feminist ideology.

And there are many many other sites that are linked from these men’s above.

Good luck.


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